Big day

Saturday was a big day for Ouida Mae. Malachi took her walking at Radnor Lake during my massage therapy appointment. He took lots of pictures of snakes, squirrels, birds, and plants, but none of her since she was strapped to his chest in her carrier. Afterward we went to the Fresh Market for some groceries. I used to go there every Thursday after my massage therapy appointment to buy a cannoli and a dozen roses (best price on roses in Nashville). I didn’t realize how regular I had become, but now that I think about it I guess it’s not a surprise that the employees would recognize me; how many pregnant women come into the store the same day every week to buy one cannoli and a dozen roses? The lady who always checked me out said it was nice to see me again. Everyone came over to see Ouida and tell me how pretty she is.

By the time we got home we were very tired. Malachi snapped these photos of us while I grabbed a nap with Ouida Mae:

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