Jun 29 2009

Fun in the sun

I hate that I so seldom get a chance to update this journal. Ouida loves to play with my lap top, so it’s very hard to get anything done on it when she’s awake as she’s climbing all over it and trying to pull the keys out.

She was six months old on June 11 (there is a video in the works). Last week at the doctor she weighed 16 pounds. She is sitting, crawling, pulling up, and eating solid food. I believe she slept through the night last night, but it’s possible I just slept through nursing her. She continues to act like she’s cutting a tooth with no evidence to support it.

We try to take her out and expose to new experiences as often as possible. Here she is in her new sun hat:

At the American Artisan Festival in Centennial Park:

And at Percy Priest Lake at Long Hunter State Park:

Jun 2 2009

Splish Splash

Since Ouida Mae was only a few weeks old I have been putting her in the garden tub with me and letting her float in the deep water. For the most part she has always loved her baths, and she has learned to kick and play in the warm water. Last week I tried supporting her on her belly for the first time and she smiled and giggled as she tried to lick the water.

This week we took her to the pool for the first time. I knew she liked to be in the water, but was more than a little apprehensive about how she would react to the temperature difference between the hot bath and the cool pool water. Turned out it wasn’t so bad…

A little apprehensive at first...

A little nervous at first...

But with a little encouragement from Mom...

But with a little encouragement from Mom...

all was right with the world again!

all was right with the world again!

All dry again:

Our little Oompa Loompa

Our little Oompa Loompa