May 14 2009

Five Months

Ouida Mae was five months old on Monday. Here is a little video we made to commemorate the day:

We got a couple of decent photos from the event too:

May 9 2009

Puppy videos

Here are some videos from the visit with the puppies two weeks ago.

May 8 2009

And now for something completely different…

No. 1  The Larch.

No, no.  Umm… how about some video Kimberly got of Ouida Mae babbling.

May 8 2009

Ouida Mae in the office and Thai food

Yesterday, Kimberly brought Ouida Mae to where I work and I got to show her around a bit.  Everyone said she’s cute.  Afterward we went with a few coworkers for some previously scheduled Thai food at Noodle House in La Vergne.  Celina was gracious enough to take a few pictures for me.

Malachi, Kimberly, and Ouida Mae

Ouida Mae and Malachi

May 8 2009

Recent adventures

Hi, Malachi here again.   Last weekend we went to Knoxville for Kimberly’s father’s wedding.  We dropped the dogs off with a sitter.  Things went fairly well except for the nearly constant rain (the wedding had been planned as an outdoor affair) and Kimberly forgetting her purse on Saturday (with all the changing stuff in it), making the day slightly more challenging than it had to be.  But it worked out ok.

After the ceremony, JD, Kimberly’s father, gave Ouida Mae a tulip.  She promptly tried to eat it and then destroyed it.  Apparently it didn’t taste as good as it looked.

This tulip tastes awful!

Lindsey, Aubrey, Arlette, JD, Ouida Mae, Kimberly, Kevin, and Kathleen
Lindsey, Aubrey, Arlette, JD, Ouida Mae, Kimberly, Kevin, and Kathleen

Arlette, JD, Ouida Mae, and Kimberly
Arlette, JD, Ouida Mae, and Kimberly

Ouida Mae with Kevin in a hair lock
Ouida Mae with Kevin in a hair lock

JD and Ouida Mae
JD and Ouida Mae chilling at the reception

May 8 2009

Oh Noes! Puppies!

Two weeks ago we went over to Vanclaw’s to see the then-six-week-old puppies (all 12 of them!)

Ouida Mae meeting a puppy

Millie and the puppies (6 weeks old)
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May 8 2009

Just another day… in the ball pit.

Saturday before last, Ouida Mae went to her first birthday party for her friend Callie at Wiggle Time in Cookeville. I (Malachi) didn’t go, but all reports indicated that she had a good time. Judging by this picture, I’m not totally sure.

Ouida Mae in the ball pit

Here is a bonus picture of Ouida teething a little bit. She weighed 14 lbs 3 oz at her last doctor visit.

Ouida Mae