3 Months

Ouida Mae was three months old yesterday! Here’s what she’s been up to:

Malachi took a day off over the weekend of Valentine’s Day so we could take Ouida Mae to east Tennessee and Virginia to see our families. This was the first time Ouida met her grandmother, great grandfather, and Uncle Robby. We had a nice visit there and were all sad when it was time to leave. Later that evening Ouida Mae made her stage debut when we went to hear Malachi’s parents perform at a local restaurant. All of their friends were very excited to meet her and she spent hours being passed around and shown off without even a peep. She’s a very happy and social baby.

Ouida Mae meets her great grandfather.

Ouida Mae meets her great grandfather.

This past Monday she went to the doctor for a checkup and her first shots (ouch!). She was cranky later, but nothing a little Tylenol didn’t fix. Ah, her first sugar… after all, who doesn’t like high fructose corn syrup? She weighs 12 pounds, 10 ounces and is now 26 inches long. Her weight was a bit lower than I expected and she actually has fallen a little on the growth chart but nothing to be concerned about. She’s just decided to be an average size now rather than the 75th percentile for her age. Developmentally she is a little head of schedule.

Speaking of developmental milestones, I suspected she was on the cusp of one as she has been sleeping and eating more this week than usual. Lo and behold, today she rolled over for the first time. She has also begun sleeping through the night! She has slept 6-7 hours each night this week and is beginning to have somewhat dependable nap times during the day.

Everyone says they can tell she is highly intelligent because she is so expressive and interactive at such a young age. Just like her furry sister Freya, Ouida Mae is a social butterfly. She loves to see the world and meet new people. She loves her mommy the best, but is never shy when it comes to being held by other people. Here she is peeking out of her new carrier:


Last week saw the end to my maternity leave, but the beauty of being self-employed (and the beauty of the nature of my work) means that Ouida Mae is with me in the office and accompanies me whenever I have outside appointments. I did not plan to go back to attending deliveries for another few months, but due to the tragic death of another local midwife I have found myself once again on-call, and Ouida is on-call too.

And as an added bonus, a “nothing special” video we took yesterday to commemorate her 3-month birthday:

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